Logistics Program at TSTC Expects First Graduates in Fall

(RED OAK) – Last fall, TSTC in North Texas debuted its Logistics Technology program, catering to those who want to specialize in the lucrative industry of logistics.

The program, which expects its first graduates in Dec. 2015, covers the logistics industry from start to end.

“It starts with purchasing raw materials,” said Instructor William Scott, “then we cover the transportation of those raw materials to the manufacturing plant, storing inventory, operation of storage facilities and distribution.”

How does TSTC’s Logistics program differ from others in the state?

“We’re the only logistics program that has the hands-on component of a technical school,” Scott said. “The other schools that offer logistics degrees, you can get an associate degree in logistics, but there’s no hands-on training.”

Kay Jones, one of the Logistics students on track to graduate in December, said she originally came to TSTC to do a computer-related program, but decided it didn’t fit. After sitting down and talking to Program Chair Leroy White, she chose logistics instead.

“It is the best decision I ever made,” Jones said. “Logistics is so vast and it’s so cutting-edge right now that I’m sure I’ll be able to get a job. Plus, we have the best professor. I’d put him against anybody in the state. He’s wonderful.”

After graduation, Jones hopes to become a U.S. Customs Broker.

“I graduate on Dec. 11, and on the 14th, I help set up the US Customs Broker course that is going to be taught here at TSTC,” Jones said. “I’m going to start that course and get my Customs Broker License by April, and I want to start a global import/export business.”

Jones hopes to eventually go into humanitarian logistics.

“I want to go into third world countries and help women in poverty. They make these items and sell them, and people take them to other countries and sell them for double. I want to go in there and pay them more to help these women out of poverty.”

Logistics Technology is exclusively offered at TSTC’s North Texas campus. For more information on the program, visit www.tstc.edu, or call 972-617-4040.
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