TSTC Student Q&A with Timothy Hays of Waco

(WACO) – Timothy Hays, 66, moved from Manor to Waco to study for Aircraft Airframe Technician and Aircraft Powerplant Technician certificates at Texas State Technical College in Waco. He is scheduled to receive his first certificate in August.

Hays grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana, and has studied fine arts and education at universities in Louisiana and Oklahoma.

What have been some of your previous careers? “I was an elementary school teacher and middle school teacher. I was a professor for teachers coming back for a master’s program. I was a civilian employee in the U.S. Coast Guard in Yorktown, Virginia, and left in 2005.”

What made you decide to study at TSTC? “I have a private pilot’s license and have become interested in kit building since I retired. There was a lot I didn’t have experience in.”

How are you enjoying studying aviation maintenance? “It draws on a lot of the fine arts. I was doing painting and focused on three-dimensional design. I am really enjoying the classes. I just got done purchasing a kit plane. I flew to Missouri and rented a moving truck and picked it up and brought it home. Some of the students helped me unload it. Everything I’m learning has a direct impact on the kit I will build. I have learned a lot about hydraulics.”

Why should other retirees consider going back to college? “I would encourage them to go back and do it if they are interested and passionate. Now they have the time and probably have the money. It may be a good second or third life. Don’t let the grass grow under your feet too long.”

TSTC offers certificates and associate degrees for Aircraft Airframe Technology and Aircraft Powerplant Technology. Some of the classes students take in the technical programs include Aviation Physics, Landing Gear Systems, Aircraft Welding and Airframe Inspection.

TSTC will host summer Registration Rally events on June 23, July 14 and Aug. 11. For more information, go to tstc.edu/rally.

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