VibrAlign Awards Scholarship to TSTC Student

(SWEETWATER) – TSTC Wind Energy student Kyle Everett won a scholarship and earned the TSTC’s Wind Energy Technology program a free state-of-the-art laser shaft alignment system from VibrAlign earlier this month.

The national award is part of VibrAlign’s Realigning America scholarship program. Every quarter, the program awards scholarships to students who submit the best essays about learning machinery maintenance.

Everett submitted an essay to VibrAlign describing his experiences as a student in TSTC’s Wind Energy Technology program. Everett’s essay was selected, winning him a $500 scholarship and a Fixturlaser GO laser alignment system for TSTC.

According to David Zdrojewski, VibrAlign chief executive officer, “America’s industrial workforce is aging. As a country we face the challenge of training the next generation. We want to do everything we can to support the training of America’s future industrial workforce so they can compete on the world stage. Helping schools like Texas State Technical College is a big part of our commitment to Realigning America.”

Zdrojewski founded VibrAlign in 1983 and has been serving as CEO since 1996. VibrAlign serves a wide array of industrial customers, from oil & gas facilities to defense contractors to papermakers, and specializes in Fixturlaser alignment systems, training, and calibration, as well as Oneprod condition monitoring systems.

For more information, call VibrAlign at 800-394-3279. For more information about TSTC, visit