Student Success Story – Colt Rutledge

(FORT BEND) – Ganado, Texas native Colt Rutledge dreams of owning his own business one day after graduating from Texas State Technical College in Fort Bend County where he is currently studying Diesel Equipment Technology with a specialization in heavy trucks. He expects to graduate in August 2016 with his certificate and knows this achievement will help make his dream a reality.

Rutledge first became interested in diesel mechanics when he worked on a farm rebuilding tractor engines prior to enrolling in college. This experience and the education he is receiving at TSTC is helping him get closer to his dream of owning a diesel performance shop where he can use his skills to rebuild engines and handle all types of repairs.

“After graduation I want to open up a diesel shop with a friend of mine who will be studying diesel mechanics at TSTC in Waco starting this summer,” said Rutledge. “We want to focus on automotive and heavy truck maintenance and repair.”

Rutledge said his greatest accomplishment while at TSTC has been being able to turn around his grades.

“Classes have been a challenge, but with hard work and by asking questions I am doing very well now,” said Rutledge. “I’ve learned that hard work and dedication pays off. They make all the difference when you’re trying to achieve a goal.”

Rutledge added that the person at TSTC who has most influenced his success is his instructor Gary Voelkel.

“He has so much experience in the industry and is always willing to share his knowledge,” said Rutledge. “He has already taught me so much and I know everything I am learning is getting me closer to making my dream of owning my own shop come true.

There are two things Rutledge would like future TSTC students to remember.

“Try your best,” said Rutledge. “And make sure you choose a career you are really interested in and will make you happy.”

Colt Rutledge is a student in TSTC’s Diesel Equipment Technology program specializing in heavy trucks. He expects to graduate with a certificate in August 2016.