TSTC Student Q&A with Ryan Williams of Waxahachie

(RED OAK) – Ryan Williams, 27, of Waxahachie is a Logistics Technology major at Texas State Technical College in North Texas.

Williams was raised in Longview and is a 2009 graduate of East Texas Christian School.

How did you find out about TSTC in North Texas? “I was going to classes (at TSTC) in Marshall but I wanted to change majors.”

What got you interested in studying Logistics Technology? “I’ve always worked in a distribution aspect of the jobs I’ve had in the past. I thought I would do well in the program. So far I am enjoying the classes.”

Do you do better with hands-on learning or book learning? “I do a mix of both, but I usually like the hands-on training so I can see where I mess up and improve from that.”

What advice would you give to students considering your major or going to TSTC? “Stick with the work and don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

What do you enjoy doing away from classes and studying? “I usually like reading fantasy and science fiction books. I’m a big nerd. I like playing video games or board games.”

Some of the fields that Logistics Technology graduates can pursue include manufacturing, technical services or government. Graduates can pursue professional certifications from the International Society of Logistics or the American Production and Inventory Control Society.

The United States had more than 130,000 logistician jobs in 2014, with the figure expected to rise by 2,500 positions through 2024, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Texas had more than 13,000 logisticians in May 2016, with a majority centered in The Woodlands – Houston – Sugar Land area. The Dallas – Plano – Irving area had more than 3,200 positions, with an average mean wage of $79,300. The Longview area had 40 logistician jobs, with an average mean wage of more than $68,000.

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