Lorena Resident Designs Her Creative Future at TSTC

(WACO) – Raychel Mynarcik knows what she wants and is not afraid to go for it.

The busy 21-year-old Lorena native is in her second semester in Texas State Technical College’s Visual Communication Technology program. She sees TSTC as an opportunity to earn a degree that will turn her passions for music and design into a living.

“I wanted to be self-sufficient in my (music) career and do my own album covers and my own media for that. So with the Visual Communication program, I am able to learn all of the tools and programs that would allow me to do all my own media and designs so I wouldn’t have to pay anyone — just be the whole package,” Mynarcik said.

TSTC’s reputation for great job placement, coupled with its two-year timeline for associate degrees, sold Mynarcik on the college.

“They know how to prepare students to go into the workforce,” she said.

Mynarcik praised her TSTC instructors as playing key roles in guiding her to success.

“They have provided such a great foundation, at least for me, to really be able to craft and have the tools in order to really let that creativity shine,” she said.

Mynarcik’s VCT instructor, Michael Lewis, said she was a student with great potential.

“She’s energetic, creative and very excited about training for something she is so passionate about,” he said.

In addition to studying VCT, Mynarcik is president of TSTC’s Visual Arts Society, which combines web development with other VCT-related programs.

“Raychel was elected president of VAS her first semester at TSTC. And to have her come in and lead and encourage the participation we have is really impressive,” said Jennifer Piper, a Visual Communication Technology instructor.

The Visual Arts Society allows students to network and attend events where they can enhance their skills and learn more about their fields. In April, Mynarcik and 12 other members of the organization will attend the Dallas Society of Visual Communications conference to compete and showcase their skills.

“Being in that club gives so many experiences for a student that you wouldn’t normally get anywhere else,” Mynarcik said.  

Looking to the future, Mynarcik is excited and confident about the possibilities awaiting her.

“TSTC has been such a growth for me, I never thought I’d get to learn and create so quickly. I get to take something I love and earn a living and that’s amazing to think about, “ Mynarcik said.

Mynarcik is scheduled to graduate in 2019 from TSTC.

Besides being a full-time student, Mynarcik is worship director for Lorena United Methodist Church and a dance fitness instructor at Baylor University. She already has associate degrees from McLennan Community College in vocal performance and songwriting, and has released four songs on Spotify and iTunes under the name Ray Mynarcik.

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