TSTC Alumna Enjoys Hands-On Work With Machines

(WACO) – Heather LeMay is not hesitant to ask questions to further develop in her profession.

LeMay, 25, joined VanTran Industries Inc. in Waco in March 2015 as a maintenance manager. VanTran produces custom liquid filled oil field transformers for worldwide customers.

LeMay graduated in August 2012 from Texas State Technical College with a certificate in Aircraft Airframe Technology. She went back to earn a certificate in Industrial Systems Technology which she received in December 2014.

“There’s no way I would have gotten this job without going to TSTC,” she said.

She is responsible for fixing and maintaining machines, the electrical system and even the building’s plumbing. Most of the machines were built in-house, so LeMay has to figure out without an instruction manual how to make repairs. She credited her co-workers with teaching her about the machines.

“It’s different every day,” LeMay said. “I love the challenge of not knowing if I have worked on something before. I am taking this job opportunity to learn as much as I can.”

LeMay said she was the only female in many of her TSTC classes.

“I would tell other female students to not be scared to show the boys you can do it too,” she said. “I ask questions when needed. My confidence level increased.”

Michael Hubbard, assistant chair and instructor in the Industrial Systems Technology program, was one of her instructors.

“Heather was quiet,” he said. “She would ask questions. She had more ability than she thinks she did.”

LeMay has admired Hubbard’s willingness to help her out offering insights into hydraulics as they arise at work.

“Hubbard is great,” she said. “He is one of the most encouraging instructors I had at TSTC.”

LeMay developed an interest in Industrial Systems Technology while at TSTC because she wanted to learn the the science of how equipment worked.

“I just liked working with my hands and fixing things,” she said.

LeMay likes to fish and hunt deer in her downtime.

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Heather LeMay of Waco, a Texas State Technical College alumna, is the maintenance manager at VanTran Industries Inc. in Waco.