TSTC Board of Regent honors grads recognized with ceremony

(HARLINGEN) – In a momentous occasion, Texas State Technical College honored its four Board of Regent honors graduates with a ceremony and dinner to recognize them for their academic achievement.

This is the first time TSTC hosts a recognition event for these graduates who have earned and maintained a perfect 4.0 grade-point average throughout their college careers. Ceremonies are being held statewide.

“These students have worked so hard, sacrificed so much and have dedicated themselves to reach this type of achievement,” said TSTC Provost Cledia Hernandez. “Ceremonies like this are important. Student success is our mission and this allows us to honor their success.”

Daniel Alvarez, Certificate in Precision Machining Technology; Alberto Gonzalez, Certificate in Industrial System Technology; Hector Lima, Certificate in Building Construction Technology; and Jackie Vasquez, Associate of Science in Biology were all recognized as Fall 2018 Board of Regent honorees.TSTC Board of Regent Grads

Gonzalez, 46, said he never imagined this kind of achievement, especially returning from a long hiatus.

“I’ve been out of school for a while, but with the changes and advancements in technology I felt like it was time to come back,” he said. “And I’m so glad I’ve been able to share this moment with my family.”

TSTC Regent and Pharr City Manager Alex Meade, along with TSTC administration and faculty joined the students and their families for the celebration.

Regent Meade addressed the graduates and extended a congratulations to their families as well.

“This is as much your accomplishment as it is theirs. There’s a lot of sacrifice that happens when your family member is in school,” Meade told the families. “This is something we, as a Rio Grande Valley, need to recognize and be proud of. You (graduates) are the ones changing the Valley for the better.”

Meade, whose career focuses on economic development, said TSTC plays a huge role in the area because of the technical training it provides.

“TSTC is tasked in preparing highly trained and skilled graduates for the workforce,” he said. “And you all are a testament to that. You have all exceeded every expectation and we are so proud of you.”

Meade concluded the ceremony by presenting the Board of Regent gold medallion to each student to wear during their commencement ceremony and keep as a memento of their hard work.

“This is really exciting for me and my family,” said Vasquez, 22. “I’ve aimed for this since day one, and I think it’s great that TSTC has taken the time to honor us in this way. I appreciate being able to share this with the ones I love and have stood by me through my journey.”

Hernandez said these ceremonies will become a tradition for the college statewide.

“It’s important that we go above and beyond for our students,” said Hernandez. “We applaud their success; they deserve this.”

On Friday night during TSTC’s commencement ceremonies these student joined an alumni network 100,000 strong.

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